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After helping hundreds of startups understand their business challenges and achieve their goals, Lighthouse has developed BizLab to help you critically assess your business and identify its key strengths and weaknesses.

Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre (Lighthouse) is a successful business consultancy and capability builder, originally founded by the ACT Government and a private seed fund investor. The development of  BizLab   was funded by the Australian Government.

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This tool draws on extensive research and input from hundreds of Lighthouse workshop participants, business facilitators, researchers and subject experts.
The development of BizLab was influenced by many people, one in particular is Professor John English.

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John English is an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Tasmania and Honorary Fellow of the Australian Innovation Research Centre. He is also the author of several bestselling business books including 'How to Organise and Operate a Small Business in Australia', now in its 10th edition.